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Hi Maniacs we know you’ve been waiting anxiously for the all-new Rewards Program at BingoMania. The great new is that it’s just around the corner. With Experience Points (XPs), new star levels and progressive reward bonuses, the new program is aimed to continuously reward you for your activity on the community.

Star Level

Here’s an overview of the new program for you.

How do I get XPs to level up?

Every time you play bingo, slots, video poker or any other game at BingoMania you will receive Experience Points (XPs) to level up. The higher your star level, the higher the rewards!

  1. For every $1 played in bingo you will receive 10 XPs
  2. For every $1 played in slots you will receive 5 XPs. Extra XPs are being awarded for the launch of the rewards program. The value will be reset to 1 XP when this promotion ends.
  3. For every $1 played in video poker, keno, Blackjack & scratch cards you will receive 1 XP
  4. Experience points will not be awarded on the roulette games.
  5. Players who are inactive more than 30 consecutive days will drop down an entire star level. For example, if you are inactive and were a level 30 (yellow star) player, your star level will drop to Green.
  6. You will receive XP points when wagering both cash and bonuses.
  7. For the launch of the rewards program Cash and Bonus wagers award the same XPs. This is a limited time special as bonus wagers will award less XPs in the future.

What are Progressive Rewards

Every time you play any game at BingoMania you will earn both experience points (XPs) to increase your star level AND you will unlock progressive rewards. These are the cash and bonus rewards!

Remember, the higher your Star Level the BIGGER your progressive rewards will be. So make sure to Level up!

What does Unlocking Funding Bonuses mean?

As you play, you’ll unlock Funding Bonus Rewards that increase your daily & special funding bonuses.

For example, when you unlock 2 x 10% funding bonus, you will get 120% to 220% on regular days and 120% to 320% on special bonus days!

Within each tier, you have at least 6 x progressive funding bonus rewards.

Unlocking Instant Cash & Instant Bonuses

When you unlock instant cash or instant bonuses, you will automatically receive the unlocked amount in your BingoMania account.

Within each tier, you have at least 6 x instant cash rewards and 6 x instant bonus rewards. Scroll the carousel above to see all the great rewards you can unlock in your current tier.

Notable mentions

  1. Playing our new slots will not contribute towards unlocking your progressive rewards.
  2. Making a withdrawal will reduce your unlocked funding bonuses down to the base amount of 100%.
  3. Making a withdrawal will reset your unlocked progressive rewards back to the beginning.
  4. The order, amounts and the requirements to unlock progressive rewards is subject to change without prior notice.
  5. All players are automatically opted in to the rewards program with upon making their first deposit. The rewards program is an added perk for playing at BingoMania. Therefore, management reserves the right to remove any player from the rewards program.


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If you’re already a member of, or are thinking about joining an online bingo site like Bingo Mania, you’ll want to make sure that there are enough games to prevent you from becoming bored further down the line. Now, we’re sure you love to play 75-ball games as much as we do, but if you’ve yet to dabble in online slots and mini games, you really are missing out on a whole other world of fun.

At some games sites, you can play mini games (which are smaller versions of slots and popular casino card and table games) at the SAME time as you play in your favorite rooms! After all, provided you’re using the auto-dab facility to mark off the numbers on your cards, there’s really not much concentration required for online bingo until you start closing in on a Full House.

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Since we launched the new Bingo Mania blog, we’ve kind of abandoned Mania Stu and apologize to you.

Given Sunday is Mother’s Day (though everyday should be mom’s day), we thought you’d enjoy a recap of the events in store for you at Bingo Mania.

Happy Mother's Day

$15,000 Guaranteed Bingo Event

The main event is the Saturday evening $15,000 Guaranteed bingo special. For 3 Hrs, starting at 8pm ET inside the Spring room, you’ll have non-stop $500 guaranteed bingo games to go along 3 x hourly, $1,000 Guaranteed bingo games.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate all the wonderful BingoMania moms.

  • Room: Spring
  • Time: 8pm to 11pm EST
  • Prizes: $15,000 guaranteed
  • Pre-Buy: Yes, Available

New Slot Machines

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced several new video slot machines and featured the Forest Treasure  as well the Sugar Rush Slots. And this week, we’ve launched three (3) new machines:

  1. Crazy Jungle
  2. Lotto Mania
  3. Lucky Day

All three games are available under the Slots lobby within the “new” tab. Hope you enjoy!

$50,000 Bingo Games

On Sunday, from 6pm to 10pm ET, at the top of the hour, we’re hosting $50,000 coverall bingo games with a minimum $500 payout. These games will be a ton of fun, with a chance to win a grand prize.

We hope you have not just a great Mother’s Day rather have incredible great every days – to all the wonderful Moms of the BingoMania community, we leave you with this beautiful spoken poetry, enjoy:

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Oh boy, yes we’ve sort of neglected the Mania Stu blog since we launched our new bingo blog. Moving forward, we will be sharing more goodies on the Mania Stu as this has been a channel we’ve had so many great discussions together.

12 Days of Christmas

Today, we’re kicking off the exciting 12 Days of Christmas event at Bingo Mania – this is turning out to be an annual event where everyday leading up to Christmas we host a super special event for you.

This year, we have plenty of surprises in stock for you – from big bingo games to great free bonuses.

To find out what Skippy give to you on the 1st day of Christmas, simply login to your account to find out. 

Be sure to check back in daily to discover a new giveaway.

More from the Community

Also here are some goodies from across our other social channels:

Christmas from around the Web

We understand the economy over the past few years has hit some of our beloved members and no other time of the year does the struggle feel harder than the holidays.

I came across this fantastic post earlier today “5 ways to have a richer Christmas” and loved the points.

  1. Have a season of experiences.
  2. Shop early
  3. Turn off your TV
  4. Help others enjoy Christmas
  5. Focus on senses

My favorite has to be help others:

Help others enjoy Christmas. Does your family volunteer during the holidays? This year, look into the multiple ways to give back during the season. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter, adopt a family, ring the bell for the Salvation Army or walk dogs at the animal shelter. If there is a busy mom that needs a break, watch her kids so she can get her shopping done. Make Christmas cookies while they’re visiting. Sing carols at the nursing home. This dark time of year needs people to brighten the world, not just lights.

There you have it – hope you enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas and your weekend.

p.s. only 12 days remaining to the up coming $100,000 bingo game.

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Hello Maniacs – it’s October. Sure the weather has gotten cooler, the leafs will soon start changing color. But it’s also the time of the year you can expect to have a lot of fun playing bingo online, specially @ BingoMania!

Here are 5 new specials that we’ve introduced in October for you. We think you’re going to absolutely love them.

Halloween Room & Spooky Size $50 Starting Pots

The Money Pot, which is known to be Bingo Mania’s high roller room where some of the biggest prizes in all of bingo land are awarded daily, has turned into the Halloween Room.

Halloween Bingo

Inside the Halloween room, it’s yours to play & win, hourly $50 starting Halloween bingo games.

What this mean, before the game even starts, we add $50 to your pot plus a portion of all your wagers for the game go back into the pot for you to win.

Therefore, the more players, the bigger the prize for the game & winner.

  • When: Daily until Oct 31st from 2pm to 2am ET
  • Where: Halloween Room (known as the Money Pot)
  • Frequency: At least once per hour
  • Prize: Starting $50 Halloween patterns

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Hey VP and Slot fans, great news to share with you today!

Starting today and all through the month of October, you’ll not only experience 1 but 2 exciting casino related tournaments at

  1. Weekday Buy-in Slots & VP Tourney -and-
  2. The Weekend VP & Slots Tourney

About the new Weekday Slots Tourney

In total, there will be $5,000 in cash awarded across 5 week day tournaments until end of October.

  • The tournaments will run from Monday to Wednesday end of day (11:59pm ET).
  • Seats are $24.99 only and you can purchase more than 1 seat
  • The objective is to post the highest score before the tourney ends

How do I access the Tourney?

  • You can purchase your seat for each week’s tourney directly from the game lobby.

BingoMania Game Lobby

  • Once you login, you will see a text link to this week’s tourney
  • Simply click on the tourney link and you will open a new windowCasino Page

You can learn about both of Bingo Mania’s Casino Tournaments here.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box below.

Good luck and have fun!

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Hi All – This is Stu, many of you know me as the founder of BingoMania and Chief Fun Officer. It’s been sometime since I addressed the community and have missed speaking directly with many of you.

State of BingoMania

Your feedback thus far on the new bingo games lineup has been very valuable. Thank You!

There have been several changes since June and overall, I’m very happy that we’re  on the right track to deliver life changing prizes and jackpots that have made BingoMania the top voted bingo site.

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Hiya Maniacs – it came to our attention that some players who had purchased a seat for the Friday, July 12th Fair n’ Square Bingo tournament may have had trouble opening the Fair n’ Square room.

We’re terribly sorry for this – fortunately, we have demolished the little line of code that may have caused this issue and to make things right,  all the players that had purchased a seat for the Friday, July 12th tournament will receive a free seat for the Friday, July 19th Fair n’ Square Tournament.

Yep – you get to enjoy this coming Friday’s (July 19th) Fair n’ Square tournament on the house with a free seat.


It’s the least we can do to help make this right for you.

To verify if you have a free seat for this Friday’s tournament, please open this public google document we have created.

Should you have any questions please leave comment below. Thanks!

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Thanks to everyone that took part in the special $50,000 Coverall Bingo game on Friday, July 12th. It was an exciting event with an exciting ending. Two lucky players split the minimum prize of $5,000, taking home $2,500 respectively.

$50,000 Coverall Bingo Game

Please join us in congratulating both ICREDPORKCHOP and slafrance on their split win of the $50,000 minimum $5,000 coverall game.

Some key stats about the $50,000 Coverall Bingo Game:

  • a total of 109 players participated 
  • over 2100 cards where purchased
  • 19 cards per average per player
  • the winning number was called on call 60 for both winners

Previously on Friday, June 28th, we hosted the $100,000 coverall game which marked the biggest bingo game ever. The lucky winner of that game was ronni906 from PA, USA.

We hope you enjoyed the past two biggie coverall games. More than ever, we’re committed to bringing you more life changing games at Bingomania – thank you for your support.

On a final note – be sure to take advantage of the 24hr 500% free bonus blowout on all your deposits of $100 or more. You can find more details on the Friday, July 12th to Saturday, July 13th bingo newsletter.

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It will be 17 years in June since Bingo Mania made  playing bingo games online a reality for discerning players.Bingo Mania Turns 17

To celebrate this marvelous milestone, we’re throwing a month long party, filled with tons of excitement from a colossal bingo game to bigger prizes daily in your favorite bingo rooms to more 3 part games … as well, a few surprises throughout the month :)

All in all, it will be our biggest birthday bash and we hope you’ll join the party.

The festivities will kick off on Saturday, June 1st .

From all of us at Mania, thank you for your loyalty over the past years – let the party begin!

Let us know why you love Bingo Mania in the comment box below :)